Catch me up on WWE news??

I haven't been able to really watch WWE for about a year or so. Can anyone tell me what's going on so i'm not in the dark when i watch? Who are the champs, are there any new stars, what kind of angles are the big names in, any good storylines, etc.?

Champs are Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Chris got the belt in the main event at Wrestlemania XX.

RAW is mainly HHH v HBK. Sometimes Kane will appear and smash things up. Evolution are the big heel faction, consisting of HHH, Flair, Batista and Randy Orton. The big new guy is Eugene, who's a friendly tard, and very funny indeed. Trish is currently in her slapper incarnation.

The Undertaker is back as the Dead Man.

Damn, i missed Taker coming back as the dead man. How'd it go down?

He was in a Buried Alive match at Survivor Series with Vinnie Mac, then Kane came out and helped Vinnie bury him at the end. Then in the lead up to Wrestlemania Kane was copping all sorts of weird stuff; u know, the Undertaker bell gong, rain the ring, strange mist in the rin etc. etc., but u never saw the Deadman. Then the match was made, and he was "unveiled" for the first time at WMXX. He's basically biker 'Taker, but with a leather trench coat and a cool hat (oh, and only half his eyebrows).


Ps- Jericho is face again!!!

Undertaker is also "owned " by Paul Heyman since he has the urn and controls him only cuz Heyman and Dudlye Boyz kidnapped Paul Bearer .

The Taker returning at WMXX was the most I have ever marked out for a wrestling moment. It was excellent

indeed it was baldtony, indeed it was