Catch me up

Hey, what's up guys? I have been on vacation for the last week and had no internet access at all. I looked at all the results from the last few events but I know I missed all kinds of shit. Anyone care enough to get a brotha up to speed?

Carter Williams pissed hot for cocaine.

Rickson choked out Fedor.

CRE's name is Christopher.

Brazilian Top Team split and the Nog brothers, Filho, and maybe a few others left.

Dana hates sherdog

This thread would be a spectacular true/false quiz for someone who was out of the scene for a while

Shamcock'd Baroni.......

Harold Howard was bit by a rabid racoon on June 24th, 2007.

Lol @ turtle powah. I was thinking the same thing. Anyhow, thanks guys. If even half of those things are true then it seems as though I missed a hell of a week. Btw, great news about Buentello, that is a huge testament to that guy.

*edited for unnecessary pluralization

Art Jimmerson beat Royce Gracie in their long awaited rematch.

okay okay, mine was actually TRUE. haha

Damn, so BTT really split? That sucks.
Anyhow, I knew it was only a matter of time before DSE bought Zuffa, it only makes sense. And Rickson choking out Fedor doesn't surprise me at all. Fedor is probably the biggest paper champion in fighting history. Like a 2nd rate Steve Jennum. lol.