Catch Wrestling/Matt Furey?

A little while ago a friend of mine introduced me to catch wrestling, and I found it very interesting.

I've seen some of Tony Cecchine's videos and they're on my list of must have videos. But my question is in reference to Matt Furey and the videos he has produced. Anyone bought his Farmer Burns course or his "How to Hook a Heavyweight..." video? Are they any good?

Now I know alot of people dislike Furey and Im not trying to promote/defend him, but I personally like his conditioning program and have benefited tremendously from it. And from what I've been told he's learning catch wrestling from the same person he learned the conditioning from.


Stick to his conditioning tapes.

His Catch stuff is not worth the dollars. The Farmer Burns course you can get for free on the Internet. He has not been with Gotch for ages and no one knows what if anything he learned from Gotch. I have his How to Hook Heavyweight, I have not watched it since the first viewing. Nuff said.

Hi Matt!

everyone is pretty concinced furey sux

poopie man

I have seen one of his videos on how to escape submissions... lets just say... it was horrible.

Why go with Furey when you can get Tony C's tapes?

Now if you want someone to give you a seminar on how to run an outstanding internet business, Matt Furey has very few peers.

True dat, PDM