** Catching up with Denis Kang **

Good day to my forum pals,

My apologies for the delay in putting up information. From being offline to having technical issues putting up stuff on the site, all is back to normal.

First off, a little conversation I had with Canada's next big thing: Denis Kang.

Check it out... www.showdown.ca


Nicely Done. Can we have any better guys at 185?

I love the Christmas additions to the top of showdown.ca.


Great article Joe and a great move for Denis

^love that pic.

nice interview

ATT is lucky to have him

Now the Americans will get to know him!

best of luck Denis in the New Year


A like how you've developed the site.

And lol @:

" I fed him a few knees and he didn’t like that cause he covered up right away and that's when I locked my arms using my uncanny French/Korean/Canadian strength. I rolled like a gator on an antelope and cranked the choke hard for the tap at around 1:17 in the first round."

Kang is awesome.

great job joe!

Denis,sorry I missed your party at Che Guevara's last week.All the bestest in the future!