Catching up....

Where are all of my old school "fans" these days?

I think Atkins may have moved back to HI, and could very possibly be close to committing hara-kiri at this point?

And what's that little haters name .. Ryan errr insert angry, midwestern clown's last name "here" ... Where the hell is he these days? Still being a paranoid hater?... haha

I see that jack johnson is now hating on The
I guess his life isn't right unless he's spewing his text-based vomit somewhere on this forum? Oh man .. I guess his Starbucks Store doesn't require too much of his time, huh?

And the one guy from down under? lol I've actually forgotten his name, sad ain't it?

I have been off of this forum for very nearly a year... Only popping on here from time to time to see what's going down with the smaller shows that get some exposure on here. There does seem to be some good new people on here though ... I've noticed that the ZUFFA vs DSE thing is still strong though, which is hilarious considering the current state of affairs between the two orgs

Oh well, I just wanted to touch base with my old haters .. and playfully rub their noses in the huge pile of crap that they created over the years.

  • Drew

I kind of figured they'd be hiding away in some deep holes ... you know, since they were dead wrong and all.

Oh well, I'll probably post again sometime next year.