Cathal Pendred vs. John Howard

Mok The Ookla - Pendred is going to make a statement in this fight. Phone Post 3.0
I'm hoping soon. I put money on this guy not knowing much but hoping he had great striking with his physique. Know I'm thinking he has never taken a striking class of any sort Phone Post 3.0

pendred needs a finish

Mok The Ookla - Pendred is going to make a statement in this fight. Phone Post 3.0

I can't figure out what statement he's trying to make. He lobbied for a quick turnaround - to do this?

What's special about this Cathal? Ability to cut weight and be bigger than people? He looks awful.

failure at life - 
andre - Pendred is one of the worst to enter the octagon in the Zuffa era, IMO. Phone Post 3.0
He actually looks significantly better than last fight. Phone Post 3.0

Pendred is an enigma. looks like a terrible fighter. but also really good at winning fights. hasnt lost since 2010. He does look better than his last fight, admittedly. but he looked like absolute shite last fight.

One more round to go, and i can almost guarantee he win a Decision

1-1? Who knows

R1 Pendred 10-7

R2 Pendred 10-8 Phone Post 3.0

Pendred has done absolutely nothing in this fight, he sucks

I picked Howard easy before the fight, I didn't know Pendred was favored He's look terrible in his fights.

John Howard the former Australian Prime Minister who turned back the boats is turning back Pendred. Phone Post 3.0

If pendred knew how to throw jabs... Easy fight Phone Post 3.0

Frustrating fight to watch Phone Post 3.0

Is Cathal the worst fighter to never lose in the UFC? Phone Post 3.0

this is my smoke break fight from the prelims :)

Howard is boring and Pendred is just lolbad

They both look horrible. Jon has looked tired since 30 seconds into the fight. Phone Post 3.0

MdGeist - R1 Pendred 10-7

R2 Pendred 10-8 Phone Post 3.0
This guy's funny Phone Post 3.0

john Phone Post 3.0

should be 30-27, hopefully no Spencer end

that was awful. if we are going to have irish shit forced down our throats at least make them good. that guy is terrible.

29-28 Doomsday Phone Post 3.0