Catholic Confirmation?

I'm a baptized Catholic. I've been going to church more often and would liked to finally be confirmed in the Church.

I'm 23 years old and went through most of the process when I was about 14, but quit with about a month left.

Do I have to wait until next year after Easter to start the process anew? Is there any way I can start now?

Why don´t you ask the father at your church?

I don´t think that you need to wait for Easter.

Hey Detriment....send me an

Congratulations Detriment. I was confirmed in sixth grade with my whole class. It was sort of a routine ritual for me and didn't mean much to me until years later. (I even picked my confirmation saint based on a name I liked rather than what the saint meant to me.) At your age, at your maturity level, you're in a great position for the confirmation to have a good impact on your spiritual life.