Catholic Democrat Politician Upset that Parish Bishop Follows Catholic Teachings

I’m not Catholic, but it seems to me if you’re gonna be Catholic you should probably adhere to its core beliefs…

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no Jesus cookie for you!

It always strikes me how Catholic teaching is 95% in line with traditional liberal Democratic values and policies, but this one issue (abortion) automatically puts them in the other team. Amazing how one issue has that much power to people.

I suppose the converse would be someone who was 95% conservative Republican but was OK with draconian gun control, LOL. “Get your ass on the other side, traitor!” :wink:

Are you on crack?


He forgot about homo stuff.

But otherwise it’s pretty much feed the hungry and love your fellow man…

Nah, I haven’t heard gay stuff mentioned in church in years, in churches across 4 states (granted, all in the south, maybe it’s different elsewhere).

Abortion comes up ALL THE TIME, though.

Plus, Catholics were never really the frontrunners in hating teh gay, that honor has always belonged to the Baptists :stuck_out_tongue: And I imagine the Pentecostals aren’t too far behind them. Lutherans don’t give a shit, far as I can tell. And Episcopalians LOVE them, so I suppose all the various Christian groups have their own take on it, LOL.

Republicans have those same values though