Catholic priests email address?

Can someone hook me up with the email of a respected priest that answers questions?

The best man to do that would be the infrequent poster who goes by the name of St. Kolbe.  You might try to mma email him.  He hasn't been on here very frequently but pops in now and then. 

I have done a good amount of studying of R. Catholicism over the last year so if it is a general question I might have an answer for you.  If it is more along the lines of personal spiritual questions then by all means contact a priest.

Its something only a priest could answer as its not a normal question in the least. Do you know of any priests that are on the web?

I don't know of any but I emailed Tim (St. Kolbe) and let him know you were asking this question so hopefully he will respond.

Hey warmonkey,

Send me an email ndfromog at yahoo dot com. Let me know what the issue is about (no need for details if you're not comfortable asking me about it), and I'll see if I know of a priest who would be able to answer it for you.


The more that I think about it, ask Father John Wauk. He's an American priest that lives in Rome, and has a blog. I've emailed him before, using the form on his website. Last time I emailed him, he got back to me within a day: