Catholic school sued for teaching "woke culture" by parents

If private religious schools aren’t safe from this shit, what chance do any of our kids have?


“They have also asked for a tuition refund for their daughters’ education that they believe was falsely advertised as Catholic.”

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Good. Fuck em


As a parent of two children in private catholic school, I support this 1,000%. If I wanted my kids to have a sub par education filled with woke bullshit taught to them by participation trophy teachers who think someone who sends means tweets shouldn’t be fit to be president. I would have left them in public school.


Good for them.

Article doesn’t go into what was taught. Maybe their daughters are gay and their family doesn’t want to believe it.

That’s quite the leap you’ve taken there.


It’s just his own projection.


I’d tackle the rampant & widespread pedophilia in Catholic circles first, but that’s just me (former Catholic who cannot in good conscience support anything to do with the Church any more).

Also worth noting that the absolutely insane Catholic teachings on fake-purity is a rejection of reason and human nature, and it has caused the Church to attract sexually deviant, psychologically tormented fucking-weirdos for centuries.

They need some “wokeness” on that front, my God…

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The Catholic Church isn’t teaching Catholic school kids that pedophilia is ok. They are teaching them that all white ppl are racist. Lol at that ridiculous comparison


No? I’d say a century worth of cover-ups across the globe should teach them something.

Makes me think of this…

Is that why you won’t get vaccinated too? All of the issues with Pfizer et al falsifying studies, bribing doctors, not disclosing known side effects and and other illegal activities?

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& fuck… Catholics aren’t too fond of Catholic history…

Practically invented modern liberal arts education…?

The intellectual giants of history…?

Dorothy Day is being considered for fucking sainthood?

The Catholic Workers movement?

Social justice?

My God…

Strawman of the year candidate


What’s the point of paying extra for private school if they’re going to act like a shitty woke public school?

The parents should get their money back so they can enroll their kids in a decent school.

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Negative. The Church has thousands of homosexuals and pederasts pretending to be holy and running the show. The point can not be escaped in a conversation like this.

PSL Got touched in his no-no square