Catholics- Ash Wednesday?

I consider myself Catholic, as I have been baptized and raised in a Catholic family. However, I never got confirmed, and thus cannot take the eucharist at mass, etc.

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Would my status as un-confirmed prevent me from receiving the ashes on my forehead? I really have no idea. My girlfriend, who is more of a devout Catholic, says she doesn't think I can. However, I can't find anything online that seems to prohibit it.


not sure, but it would seem like you could since you're really just recieving a blessing/reminder to start lent.guess you could always call your parish priest.

ps the detriment, you should think about getting confirmed,so you could recieve the eucharist.....just think you would physically recieve Christ into you every week!just a thought anyway.good luck.

or every day

Im not exactly sure. I dont remember anyone I know ever being turned away on ash wednesday. Not like there is going to a huge group of non-catholic breaking down the doors to atone for what they did during mardi gras or whatever.

The church has a closed table, for communion. But I don't believe ashes is included. Fr. Bill Moore who is my painting mentor, told me I could take communion and I have never been confirmed. He said I made first communion, and have never been "removed" from the church. The only issue would be confession, and he said since I confess my sins to my church community I am good to go. I know this probably isn't the official church position, but if Fr Bill said it, its good enough for me.

I wish they would get better wine though :)

the rev

ANYONE can get ashes... my ex did and he was methodist....

why can you not have communion if you were not confirmed??? what about those people that are not old enough to be confirmed?? you might want to check on that...

I too am a cradle catholic that is still very much prcticing

For the record, I do plan on getting confirmed. However, I have to wait until September when they start up classes again.