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Quick pic here, Basil is tired now he will go to sleep. Very cool cat he’s a good guy.



cat christmas GIF


Are you sure that is not my Lilly?




Basil looks pissed about you fucking with him while he’s trying to sleep.


I have one, she kind of showed up as a kitten and used to sleep in my jeep when the doors were off and or sleep on top of the soft top. Bikini Top when it was on she used it as kind of a hammock.

Let her come inside to recover from surgery and never turned her back out into the wild.


It’s true he had a big day he ate some shrimp, mild pepperoni and I broke up a chicken wing for him, and than of course I saw his fat ass chowing down on his favorite chicken liver pate also.

He’s got a serious shit brewing and he’s tired, and here I am bugging him for a quick photo he’s not impressed.
But for sure he’s a good guy, good personality.

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The white toes are a nice touch, mackerel tabby kitties for the win!

Also that depends will Lilly lose it if you pick her up?

Long story short in terms of cats I’m very happy with Basil he’s got spunk, he’s vocal always making these cool little sounds aside from his nice meows , playful and gentle doesn’t fuck with curtains or furniture or the tree nothing.

But I’m telling you I go to pick him up his feet haven’t even left the ground and he makes the craziest noises he loses it you’d think I had him in a vice grip. Let him go and he’s purring and rubbing on you for pets a second after he’s hilarious. But I do wish I could pick him up for photos and such.

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I have two all black cats with bright green eyes. They’re definitely sisters. One may as well be made out of Velcro since I can’t go anywhere or do anything without her getting in the middle of it. The other one is more of the cliche kind of cat that only wants attention for a few minutes every few days and only then in exactly the way that she wants it.

Since this is their first Christmas with me, I got them Christmas presents. The only catnip that was left at the store is this like five pound bag of “sachets”. All was well and good when I went to bed yesterday but, at some point, hell had broken loose. I heard them screaming and this god awful crash so I went down to see what had happened.

The two little assholes had attempted to crawl up the side of the fridge to get the bag of catnip and, in doing so, had pulled the microwave off the top of the refrigerator.

Did they show any concern about this at all? Fuck no. They had torn the bag open and one was running around with the open bag while the other was trying to bat the little sachets behind the fridge.


Yea they are koo Koo for catnip, luckily no cat was injured from falling microwave goddamn! They’re quick though.

The cat nip thing is just insane, one time at a crazy cat ladies house I saw 5 cats get into the cat nip, what ensued was a cat battle royal it was so funny jumping over foot rests to tackle eachother and ganging up on a cat, beating him up than all turning and fighting eachother lolll.

Playing of course but crazy cat nip cat play it was wild and honestly side splitting to watch I wish we filmed it, we would have won funniest videos.


Definitely so! The dog and I sleep upstairs because I have to referee sometimes. I didn’t hear the crash so much as the dog explode so I went down in my boots and underwear with the AR ready to rock and roll :rofl::rofl:

I did laugh at them when I got up again for work hours later. One was playing with something that was in front of it, apparently. I have no idea what the hell it was since I couldn’t see it. The other was basking (yes, that’s exactly the right word) in the sun on the counter.


I keep thinking about this one


I’ve got two. A five-year-old female tortie, Harley Quinn & a four-year-old tuxedo, Odd Thomas. They’re both awesome. I really have doubts about whether I’d have survived my wife, Jana’s death from COVID back in March if I hadn’t had them to take care of. But they were like children to my wife & I & she’d have been pissed had I left them behind for family members to take care of. I’m sure they’d have done an adequate job but in reality, I’m the only one who knows how to take proper care of them & spoil them to the degree that they’re used to. So, as a result, I hung in there through the worst of my loneliness & depression during this past spring & summer. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to endure but my cats gave me a purpose to persevere.



Here’s one of mine helping me wrap presents.



Never watched Trailer Park Boys, is it worth going down that path ?