Caucasian Men - what are you so angry about

Fully agree we should all move on.

Not one culture/civilization is innocent from oppressing some other culture.

The problem is that nowadays it pays to act woke and virtue signal at every chance.

This is the main reason why I’m transitioning from the fake telecommunications industry to a more scientific one.

Tired of interacting with garbage human beings that just maintain some perceived status by screaming the loudest lol.


Nothing would make me happier if we all just got along. I hate the divisiveness we have today. I hate that the MSM, big tech and politics has made use fight against each other. I honestly base my opinion on people on how they treat me and my family, I couldn’t care less what their race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference is. I hate the cancel culture, hate BLM, hate KKK, hate Poorboys and any other group, entity, politician, or company that try to divide us or attack other groups.

You do you, let me do me and as long as none of us infringe on the rights of each others we’re good.