Caught Cheating

Hurt from a 4 foot drop. Jeebus. What a fragile wuss.

Trolling with a slow jog. I would have kept 5 feet between me and that hippo and see how far I could go.

Did you see that guy on ded red that made the huge alligator die from chasing him?

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He wasn’t hurt, he outran the guy. It’s faaaaake.

No - you got the video?

Husky Fats aren’t known for being light on their feet

Was that AOC?


That might be the most epic one yet. That’s a down ass side bitch.

Holy shit. That chick was cool as a cucumber.

Can anyone translate a little of what’s being said in the first video? Funny video even though the guy is going through one of the most gut wrenching feelings you can have depending on how much he loved her. Is she giving excuses?

I am on the fence. The whole timing the stairs/drop part seemed a bit cartoonish but the guys hurt ankle got me back on board. But then the one guy not being able to catch hurt ankle guy got me wondering again.

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Fat guys running are always wild cards though. They’re both in incredibly unathletic shape

I hurt my ankle jumping off the tailgate of a truck lol. What does that make me?

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Fake af

Someone didn’t yell “parkour” before jumping…

A huge pussy.

Full disclaimer: My jump off of tail gates days have long since past.

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Were you trying to evade a cuck who was intent on dishing out a beating? That’s important

This is awful!

Video is fake. Guy was slow to jump and timing was too perfect.

FAKE and gay, jesus people are gullible

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