Caulifaluer ?s

Sorry I know this has been discussed plenty of times before. But my shit is killin me lol Its like four hours after class and my ear is swollen like a bitch anything that touches it kills and i can feel a soft wide bubble in it. I know you guys talk about draining it how do i know if I should?? And how should i go about doin it if i choose too? Ice at all? If you guys got any info for me id appreciate it.

Go see the ENT like SuperMario said. If you just get it drained with a needle, you are gonna have to wear a pressure bandage for about a week. The other option is to lance it, and put a stich or 2 through it to keep the pressure. I had this done the last time I got the bubbles, and I had to keep the stiches in over the weekend, and was good to roll (with headgear) on Monday right after I got the stiches out.

Or, as everyone told me when I asked this same question a while back, "let em go and get gnarly, ya pussy!"




Cipro? Isn't that a drug for urinary tract infections?

or anthrax

I was thinking about just leavin em but if i choose not too how long do i have till it hardens. And do you think its a good idea to go to class tommorow its still mad swollen.

Great idea if you wanna look like Couture, Sakuraba, and Shrek.

21 gauge needles at walgreens drain that baby every day and roll with head gear till it hardens up


drain it your self