cauliflower ear?

Can anybody give me some tips on draining it? Both of my ears have cauliflower ear and the left ear gets worse and worse every day I train. Its pretty soft and bubbled up to where its very noticable.

Anyone??? Any input is apreciated!

How is cauliflower ear treated?

The goals of treatment are to evacuate the blood, treat any infection, and re-establish the skin connection to the underlying cartilage. Treatment usually requires draining accumulated blood (the hematoma) through an incision in the ear and applying a compressive dressing to sandwich the two sides of the skin against the cartilage. Antibiotics are given to prevent infection.

When treated aggressively and promptly, the cauliflower ear deformity is unlikely. Any delay in diagnosis leads to more difficulty in managing this problem and the risk of deformity is greater.

Go to the doctor ASAP. I had to go to hospital to get mine drained, but if you leave it it will be to late. Dont wait get it done!

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I dont have med insurance, ive read a little on it but no real conclusion on how to do it yourself. I figured there were some pros on here who have to do it regularly. If I cant find something online i'll see if one of the guys at the gym can help, I just realized it was getting real bad a few hours ago after really looking at it.

just DIY

Get to a doctor today. Pay for it with cash.

for a home remedy, go to a pharmacy and get a needle and syringe, stick it into the soft bit and draw the fluid out... keep going until there's no more blood etc coming out, that's all the doc will do anyway.

Pressure bandages suck.. they tried that on me and I ended up with bruising from the bandage and my ear still filled up again.

I had mine drained about 8 times before it was sewn back together with what looked like tampons either side of ear ... it's a bit mangled though anyway now!

You have to avoid training for a couple of weeks after draining to ensure that it heals, or wear ear guards. I did neither and have the ears to prove it.

You are really taking a risk draining it yourself. Read some horror stories of infection before you try. It is apparantly very difficult to treat infection in that area with antibiotics...not impossible, but painful, difficult, and risky...not to mention REALLY expensive.

drain yourself., pressure, & then head gear.

you don't have to long before your ear goes from soft to rock hard...once that happens theres nothing you can do...i'd go to an ear/eye dr and have them drain it...asap...

Try to drain it yourself and fuck up your ear or get an infection or go to the doctor suck it up and pay them money or get billed and have them drain it for you. Dont go to the emergency room because they will charge you out the ass but go to a general practitioner and get it drained and your ear wont be messed up for life.

Oh and dont train for a good two weeks after you get it drained or else it will fill right back up.

I had mine drained 5 times before the cartilage and skin seperated and then I had surgery later on to cut out built up cartilage in my ear and not only did that cost me a hunk of cash but it left me with a deformed ass ear

The Dr had to drain mine 3 times and then they stitched two cotton tubes (looked like tampons) to my ear and I had to keep them there for 7 days! Try walking around downtown with 2 tampons stitched to your head...good times...

Whether you drain it or a Dr drains it make sure you keep pressure on it or it will just fill up again...

Shit...6 and 1/2 yrs later and I still don't have cauliflower ear. Good Luck dude...

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