got some full spectrum CBD tincture drops and a super sore back and neck from a fender bender 3 days ago (no damaged bones or head injuries)

have not eaten a single pain pill, tylenol, advil, or pain reliever other than smoking a little weed but my neck and entire back are at about a 6.5 out of 10 on the soreness scale .

how many milligrams or drops should I take for bed time?

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No clue. That stuff never did a thing for me.

Bump for those who know.


Hemp CBD has never done anything for me. I once had a vape pen of CBD that came from the illegal plant and it dulled my soreness like Tylenol but helped my mood slightly. If you can buy CBD in your state and weed is illegal you’re getting hemp and IMO it’s worthless.


I have this
And it def doesnt do shit for my aches

Even when i take 200 to 300 mg…nothing whatsoever

I dont notice anything at all


Haven’t noticed anything beneficial whatsoever from high doses of multiple brands. I’m of the opinion it’s mostly horse shit


It is horseshit.


I love weed. Growing it, smoking it, all of it. Big supporter of legalization here in Canada and have been working in the industry since.

CBD is horse shit


CBD is the new miracle cure it seems. It’s the cure for anxiety, insomnia, dog allergies, repressed homosexuality, and all aches and pains

I’ve taken CBD on numerous occasions and I’m honestly not sure if I’ve received any benefit. One night I guess I felt a bit more relaxed but it was late at night so who knows

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My wife uses cbd and homemade edibles when her fibro flares. High dose at the earliest sign. Has worked wonders to take the edge off. She doesn’t use either any other time.

There’s far more evidence that CBD is beneficial when consumed with some amounts of THC. Also, likely the edibles carrying the brunt of the work.

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based on my friend’s suggestion (big proponent of CBD), i took the equivalent of 500 mg of full spectrum hemp cbd

i could not notice any effects from it and no change at all in my symptoms

Although the effect may be psychocematic it does work. I do think it’s being sold as a miracle.

took 600mg again last night and did not notice a single change

CBD probably works in some other people but CBD does absolutely nothing for me with the ailments CBD supposedly helps with