CCIE security written owned

80%, pass mark is 57%, lol!

Expect just random ass questions on this test. RFCs like 1918 and 2827 which I know and a few I guessed on, ISOs, little known/used cisco security products (CSA, MARS, NAC, anomaly guard?) and strangely a few routing protocol questions. Of course the expected CBAC, NBAR, ASA, ACL, NAT, IPS stuff was in there as well. Worst of all there were a few technical errors in the questions and some horrible newsgroup/RFC-like text diagrams which I left comments on.

In short, this test is a joke. I can only assuming that cisco wants as many people as possible to pass so they can collect $1500 a pop for labs.

Lab prep is proceeding well. I'm pretty comfy with everything on the ASA, most of the router stuff (route maps, CBAC, tcp intercept, etc.....), switches, IPsec and a good deal of the network attacks type of labs.

I need to work on IPS, ACS server, 802.1x and a few odds and ends.

how much does it differ from the CCSP exams?


Keep us posted on the's interesting to watch you go through it all.