CD and DVD Rom problem

Hey guys, I noticed yesterday that my CD-Rom and DVD-Rom drives were not listed under "My Computer". I inserted a CD-Rom and nothing happened. I likewise attempted to play a DVD in the DVD-Rom, and nothing happened.

The CD and DVD Rom drives open and close, but they do not read info from the respective discs. I attempted to re-install the software, but this is impossible because the rom drives will not read the discs.

This is a new problem; I've never had any problems reading and burning discs until yesterday. Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

ttt for help

That is weird to have them both fail at the same time. That makes me thing it's a hardware issue.

Are they recognized by the BIOS? e.g. When you boot up your computer, does it list your hard drive(s) and the optical drives (before windows loads)?

1) If not, it could be a problem with the motherboard or it could simply be a bad connection. You said you can open and close the trays, so it's probably not the power supply. The first thing I would do is check the IDE cables. Make sure they are seated properly, unplug them and plug them back in. Double check the master/slave jumpers. If they are on the same IDE cable, the one at the end of the cable should be set to master. The one in the middle of the cable should be set to slave. Double check that both of the IDE channels are enabled in the BIOS.

If none of that works, I would suggest trying to install another optical drive (a spare one or borrow one from somebody), just to see if maybe it's a concidence and both drives are fried..possibly due to a power surge or whatever. If this third drive is still not recognized, then I would guess you have a motherboard issue or ...

...a power supply problem. The power supply is relatively easy to swap out, but you need a spare one, which you probably don't have unless you have a second computer. The power supply could be fried (e.g. power surge or old age) or it may not be powerful enough...this could definitely be the case if you have added new hardware recently. In either case, you won't know until you swap it out for a different one and/or a more powerful one.

2) Now, if the BIOS does recognize the drive, then it's a software/OS problem. Check this first: Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Under DVD/CD-ROM Drives, does it list your drives there? Do either of them have a question mark or an exclamaition point next to them? Try right clicking on each of them and choosing Uninstall. Reboot and it should detect them, reinstall the drivers, etc.

Thanks alpo. My DVD burner came with a new IDE cable, so I replaced the old one with the new one.... still doesn't work.

I went to the BIOS page, and I saw that the Primary IDE Master is installed/active. The Primary IDE Slave, however, is "not installed". Secondary Master and Slaves are likewise not installed. Could this be part of the problem?

You made some other suggestions, I'm going to try those now. Thanks again for your help, I'll let you know how it works.

I just found that my CD-Rom and DVD drives are not listed in Device Manager. I have no clue why this happened. A month ago I installed a DVD burner in place of my DVD-Rom drive. Aside from that, I haven't changed any hardware. Any suggestions as to what I should do now?

If it says it's not installed, that means there is a hardware problem. The Primary IDE Master is your boot disk (hard drive). The other drives should have shown up, probably under Secondary Master and Slave.

If you installed a DVDRW recently, open the case and double check the cable and master/slave jumpers on the drives, as I mentioned above. If both are set to master or both set to slave, it can cause a conflict that the BIOS can't resolve.

Does your computer take longer than it used to boot? I mean in the very beginning, during the power-on self test, does it get stuck for a few seconds? (e.g. before Windows loads) If so, it's almost definitely a master/slave issue, because that means it knows the drives are there, but it can't figure out what to do because of the conflict, so it keeps retrying and retrying until it gives up.

thanks, I'll try that...