Cd music package deals

Tell me your experiences/ places you had your music projects made.

Long story short : music is done and mastered / want cd and multi page jewel cases made ...

Where did you go ? Why? Phone Post 3.0

Anyone??? Phone Post 3.0

I once got 10 CDs for a penny

invalid - I once got 10 CDs for a penny

Must have been a nickelback cd in that deal.

Nobody wants CDs; why would you waste money on this?

It's great to have a hard copy ... If they're so advance beyond CDs they can drag it to they're device... ??? We will offer both digital and hard copy Phone Post 3.0

I don't think you're going to find a decent recommendation of the best duplication house for you on this board. MAYBE on the soundground. That said, it's a reasonably straightforward business; just call the local houses & see what their rates are.

But it's important to recognize CD is a dying medium that very few want.

The og has failed me Phone Post 3.0

lormpino swallows Phone Post 3.0

Band I saw last night got 100 made for 200 bucks in Nashville. I'll get the name of who they used Phone Post 3.0

reagan123 - Band I saw last night got 100 made for 200 bucks in Nashville. I'll get the name of who they used Phone Post 3.0
OG never disappoints! Phone Post 3.0

Have you looked at CD Baby? I haven't used them but am on their mailing list and they seem like a decent company.

I was in a band that self-released an album but it was several years ago and I honestly don't remember who we used for cds.

I think cds are still a good idea for original bands who are working on building their following. It's nice to be able to sell them at gigs, give them away for promotional opportunities, etc. But it's important to have digital downloads available as well of course, since most people download directly now.

I read a book called "Get More Fans, The DIY Guide to the New Music Business" a few months back that had a lot of good ideas - you may want to check it out. I'm just playing in a straight up cover band right now, so it wasn't really applicable to my gig (it is focused on original bands) but if/when I get back to an original project I plan on rereading it very thoroughly. It's available for download if you have a kindle. Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0