Cdc: cloth masks suck

Face diapers

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“Trust the science”

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Just like we’ve been saying from day one lol.

It’s amazing how flat out fucking wrong these people have been from the get-go.


I don’t wear masks because I think they work!

You mean to tell me that masks made of material incapable of filtering virus containing aerosols don’t stop virus containing aerosols? I for one am shocked at this revelation.

Nevermind that all of these masks including also shit surgical and kn95 masks are worn so loosely fitted that inhalation and exhalation entirely circumvents any filtration material regardless of how effective it might otherwise be. And nevermind the total lack of hygiene in using these shitt filthy masks.

If you want to wear a mask, wear a fit tested n95 or better and dispose of or sterilize it after every use. The rest is retarded theater.


Deliberately wrong perhaps?

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There’s a difference between wrong and lying. I would actually prefer if they were just wrong.


The CDC is two years behind the conspiracy theorists on pretty much everything at this point.


A bunch of grown men living in their parents basements know more about science than they do.


Haha watch, they’ll have a change of “science” again in a few weeks.

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people don’t understand how a filter works

if you cough through a mask you are essentially straining down the aerosolized particles to the perfect size for them to pass through a filter of the same resolution

Sad that its taken 2 full years for this charade to fall apart, atleast the ball is rolling now.

Better late than never…to admit this? [Heavy sarcasm]

Way to go CDC! Keep giving us more reasons why we don’t trust your ass.