Ceasar Gracie & Fabio Gurgrel Vid?

I was wondering if you guys can give me an opinion on the instructionals by Ceasar Gracie and the one by Fabio Gurgrel? Thanks.


I really liked the Fabio Gurgel's DVD's, very direct with no filler(as a result it is only 1`15" long). Not unlike the JJ Machado DVD in terms of content(number of moves) and teaching method(not a complete game like Sperry's, but individual moves). As for the level of the BJJ I'd say it'S a good choice for intermediate BJJers(ADV white to blue). At $39.99 it is too good to pass up.

I've never seen the Cesar DVD's but hear their a good choice for beginners.

I love the Cesar Gracie instructionals!!! Its great for beginners and intermediates.

I haven't checked out the Gurgel ones yet.

I second the Cesar Gracie videos.

So all 4 tapes of Fabio Gurdrel is 1 hour and 15 mins. total?


It's 2 DVD'S divided into 4 volumes, each DVD being just under 40 minutes. Sounds short but he doesn't stumble around looking for how explain(it's dubbed), and the replays are short. Seriously not a bad deal at 39.99... but not as great as it originally seems(I also thought it was 4 DVDs).

Cool, thanks for the info.