Cecil Peoples: The Door Clearly Beat Rampage


  1. leg kicks don't end fights
    2. the door defended the take downs and controlled the grappling
    3. rampage did no real damage
  1. The door took the center of the Octagon and won by Octagon control.5. Aggression is not scored favorably to UFC judges as they are apparently unaware that they're still scoring a "fight".

    I'll be honest, at first I scored it 49-46 for Rampage, but after seeing this without sound, I have to say it's 48-47 in favor of the door.



kicks below the waist have no effect on the fight, leg kicks don't end fights.

the door made rampage come to him and attack, he controlled where the fight took place therefore giving him octagon control.

everytime the door was hit, the door stood there and took it meaning rampage wasn't hurting him.

the door easily won, if you don't like it than you can go to hell.

Did they buy that door from Vince McMahan?

i was too busy exchanging high fives and drinking beers to notice, but i think the door executed its game plan to a tee.

i mean any knowledgeable fan would agree that the door clearly won the first three rounds. every kick page threw the door countered by being a door.

good thing the door drank its own piss before the fight

 The door acted stupidly.

someone please edit the ufc belt onto the door

i would but my computer is all virused up ..


Ew0k187 - someone please edit the ufc belt onto the door


nicely played everyone




 <rampage did no real damage >

I saw a broken door and I hope Rampage is forced to make the damage good.  If you can't act like a professional, at least act like an adult for heaven's sake.

I read somewhere that the door drinks his own pee


Computstrike Stats

Rampage outlanded Door 89-50 in Total Strikes landed including 73 Leg Strikes landed. Rampage dominated the fight and did just about everything he needed to do to beat the undefeated Door, including outlanding Door in every round, but apparently it wasn't enough for the judges. All 3 judges scored it 48-47 or 3-2 FTD (For The Door).