cedric marks: please help him

First off, the story that I have to tell is two sided, and incredible, that being said, here it is: On September 1st. 2008, my 2yr old son was taken by his mother from his grandmothers house where he was at for an over night visit. This doesn't seem too bad, unless you know that the mother, April Pease, is an 11yr meth addict, who's homeless, suicidal, on other prescription drugs for bi-polar disease, and schizophrenia. She's also lost custody of her other two children to their respective fathers for neglect, abandonment, and abuse issues. That being said, my son Adrian has lived with me since early 2007, was in daycare, lived with me, my wife, and his brother. April's mother called me after April had taken him and said she took him while only her disabled aunt was at home, and that the grandmother (Dorothy Pease) knew nothing nor had nothing to do with it. After calling April several times without answer, she finally answered, and told me she only wanted to spend the day with Adrian in Seattle, and that she just missed him and wanted to hang out with him. She then swore that she'd bring him back to me (in Bremerton) on the ferry. At this time, April was living in a shelter/ rehab center where she had only been for 4 days.

The next day, I called April several times, again with no answer, until finally, at about noon, she picked up. She then told me that she was NOT going to bring back Adrian, that she was going to keep him there in the shelter with her until she got more parenting rights. At this point, I told her that I was going to file a restraining order, and file for full custody. She told me since I didn't know where she was, I could go fuck myself, and hung up. I frantically began calling the Seattle Sheriff's department, and the Seattle Child Find Unit to try and locate my son. (I have my phone bill reflecting the calls to the Sheriff, Police, and 911) I then went to the Kitsap county court house and filed for full custody, and petitioned for a temporary custody order.

Later that day, the father of April's child before mine( William Nobles) called me and told me where April was in Seattle, which was Union Gospel Mission located in Chinatown downtown Seattle. I called them and told them what had happened, and the female I spoke to on the phone stated that I should come the next morning (Sept. 4th), show them the paperwork, and if everything checked out, they'd get my son back. So even though I knew where April was at this point, I decided to wait like the people at the shelter told me to, and went the next day.

The next morning, I again called the Sheriffs department for a police escort, and they told me to call them when I actually got to the shelter, so I did.(again, my phone bill reflects the calls) I arrived at the shelter at about 11 am, was buzzed into the front door, and then asked to come into one of the staff members offices. The lady, I do not remember her name but she was heavy set with a bad cough) looked over my paperwork, and as she did so,I asked her to call the Sheriffs Dept. and offered her the number to the Sheriff to call to facilitate things. She called the police instead saying they'd get there sooner.

When the police showed up, they also looked at my paperwork, restraining order and everything, but then shockingly to me, placed me under arrest. Why? Because they said that April had called them the day before and told them I had made a threat to her over the phone, and it was considered domestic violence/phone harassment. April states that when I called her, I threatened to stab her in the face, which of course, I didn't. After all, what sense would it make to make that threat, then show up with court documents, a restraining order, and ask for the Sheriff to be called? Again, that would make no since...and the police of course found NO weapons on me.

Since that happened, I've been going through hell to get my son back. April made several unfounded claims at first; that I choked her FOUR times in the last four yrs, that I'm verbally and physically abusive, that I only had Adrian with me for only 2 months before she got to that shelter, and that I sent threatening e-mails to her mother. I have went to court more times than I can count, but on October 15th, April and I went to court on her protection order hearing.

See, she listed my son on the order in an effort to stop me from getting custody, but the judge on the 15th found out she was lying about everything...the judge order her to stop running from the parenting plan in Kitsap county, the judge ordered her to abide by the temporary custody order, and the judge ordered April NOT to take my son out of the state otherwise she'd be found in contempt of court, and in violation of custodial interference. The judge also stated that April did NOT have any type of custody, and that the ONLY parenting plan was the one that I had filed appropriately in Kitsap county. You see, April had been claiming that she had custody, and shows everyone what's called an "Order Establishing Parentage". That was filed in 2006 in order to get me to pay child support by the state. I was never served with this order, and it went to default judgement, and one of the provisions in it was that the child resided with the mother. But, it was NOT a parenting plan, and in fact stated that if the father files a parenting plan, that the filed PP was to supercede. The judge on Oct. 15th (Judge Lori Smith) stated this fact point blank to April during the hearing. April broke down and cried when the judge order that she abide by the temporary custody order that I had. I have the court transcripts to this both written and on CD so that there can be NO doubt. The judge demanded on record that April stated an address where she could be served because the judge found it "unacceptable" that April was running and hiding from said order. At that point, April states that she gave Kitsap county an address at which she could be served, which she did not, but the address she gave on Oct. 15th was her mothers in Tacoma, Dottie Pease.

During this hearing, April barely mentioned being actually afraid of me...in fact, only when prompted by the judge did she mention having any fears for herself. April, on record stated that the e-mails I sent her mother were NOT threatening, April never once mentioned being choked, or any other type of physical abuse...simply that I had called and threatened her on Sept. 3rd. During all of this, she also NEVER once mentioned any fear of a threat towards Adrian, but instead repeatedly stated that because of the parenting plan I had filed, that I was going to take Adrian. Because of this, the judge made the decision to make April comply with the Kitsap parenting plan. Again, I have all court transcripts reflecting this order.

But April did not bring my son back even then. On Oct. 20th, I prepared to go to court for my restrain

I'm not going to criticize, Cedric, because I strongly and sincerely hope you get your son back, but how in the world did you ever get involved and have a child with a woman this psychotic? You have to be more careful, letting someone like that into your life never ends well.

Good luck to you, I hope you find your son. When you do, it's past time for half-measures and court orders, just TAKE him back. For his own good, you need to take him.

 Good luck!!! Hope everything works out for the childs sake...