Cejudo: “Great White Hope” Paddy is at risk

Henry Cejudo says the UFC risks losing one of their great white hopes by making Paddy vs Tony.

If Pad beats Tony Ferguson, I hope his next opponent mauls him. I think Ilia fucks him up too.

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Paddy blew his credibility after claiming he clearly won his past fight. Don’t care to see him fight again.


Shit Talking Blah Blah Blah GIF by UFC

Ferguson is a walking corpse.


Shut up Enrique…The Great White Hope was Suga Sean…the guy that took your belt you couldn’t win back

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There’s a video that shows how fast Ferguson’s rolls were years ago vs how slow he was vs Bobby Green. Two of the current version of him could land in front of the one from 6 years ago and he wouldn’t have to worry about that being his future anymore.

I have no idea why people talk about great white hopes when it comes to the UFC. UFC has always had successful white fighters but they certainly don’t need to worry about it as UFC has been killing it lately with the Mexican demographic and they will make money with a brown, black, white, yellow, etc… fighter it does not matter.

I’m sure if there was a purple chick with three tits, if she could fight and UFC could make money with her then they would do so gladly.

The last thing UFC worries about is protecting a great white hope.

Losses are also not a big deal when it comes to popular fighters. Unless you retire early or avoid big fights, everyone loses.

A loss to Tony here is not great but a loss to Tony does not have to hurt Paddy’s brand. How many times have fans watched Nate Diaz lose?

If paddy is the great white hope, then I give up.


She wouldn’t even have to be that good. Just be marginally attractive and show up.

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Hey if the three tits are nice, UFC might create a three titty class for her. They created WFW for Cyborg and never to this day even bothered to have a top 10 or top 15 rankings for the division. Still had a shiny gold belt and they had Cyborg headlining multiple PPV’s with that belt. Hell as soon as Yana Kunitskaya won the Invicta BW belt they brought her over to UFC and had her move up to headline a PPV with Cyborg for the FW belt. Thats how empty that “division” was.

WTF is the Great White Hope thing? As if it’s a thing in MMA. I like Cejudo but fuck him for that.

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Sadly, I have to agree. Such a shame because prime Tony was an unstoppable beast.


White fighters are good for business, they sell well . I think that is what henry is getting at. Paddy is not a good fighter, I would even say below average talent. But look at how he’s been promoted, like some sort of superstar.

Paddy became a local star though Cage Warriors and his own charisma and social media work before he ever hit the UFC.

Noche UFC that catered to the Hispanic market and was headlined by a Mexican female just broke the UFC Fight Night record for most unique viewers on ESPN+ with 1.1M new ESPN+ viewers.

Point is, UFC has no need for a great white hype but they will of course continue to have white stars as they always have.

The last thing the UFC needs is for someone like Pimblett to be fed cans, as countless stars have shown, you don’t need to win to draw and you certainly don’t need to be white either.

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Paddy has almost a million followers on youtube and has a video with ten million views. Kid is a star.

Has never beat or fought a top 15 fighter but it makes no difference, he is already a MMA star.


As a white guy, and I can speak for all of us… We don’t claim Paddy.


Let the fats with bad haircuts have him.