Celeb Uncensored Street Fights

I rest my case.

Poor citizens

SLYBOOGIE has a point. So many white kids at my school who are "down" with hip-hop and gansta rap and wear there Sean John totally piss themselves when a black dude approaches them. Big or small they totally turn into scared kids. It's fucking laughable. The people they try to emulate the most also scare the shit out of them. I'm not saying all people are like this, however the suburban brand white kids I go to school with and know have this complex or they're total nerds.

If you totally disagree with anything I have tried to relay on this fickle issue please look up what ethnocetrism means.


were you implying something about race?? or rejecting the facts?

I started this thread just o give people a heads up on some entertainig TV. However it seems that my choice of words started a "racial" discussion.

In my last post I was just giving SLYBOOGIE some verification on his statement. My reference to ethnocentrism was to point out the most common driving force behind white-America's judgment of other races and/or countries. It's of course not meant to be a statement of an entire race or nation but merely an observation. Having many white friends I notice the superiority they use to describe everything they do as compared to another race or country.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Who cares. Not me.

Did anyone else find the episode of Celebs uncnsored amusing as to what you may encounter in a street fight???

That's all I care about.


what was mark mcgrath so pissed at that kid for?

EVAD6317 - "I'm not saying all people are like this, however the suburban brand white kids I go to school with and know have this complex or they're total nerds. "

Now there is a quote from a racist loser. All white kids that he goes to school with are either cowards or nerds. Sure, all white kids are the same. You need to pull your head out of your anus and stop the generalizing.

that one black guy was wayyyy out of hand. he was HUGE like 300 lbs...and the 3 white guys were tiny and really frail looking. Apparently the black guy hit the white guys car, and when they were checking out the damage the white guy asked the black guy for his insurence info. the black guy destroyed the 3 guys with 3 punches.You can see the 2nd and 3rd guy try to "back off " funny as hell, but really out of hand.

I bet he felt great for beating up some scrawny honkie...if it was the other way around Al Sharpton and the Fag Jesse Blackson would`ve brought national media attention to it.

"Gee I wonder what race that could be. hmmmmmmm? "

Hmmmmmmm, since this fool uses expressions like "Gee", I wonder what race he could be.

lol at one street fight becomming a huge race issue...people fight

if i see a black guy in hb, dressed like someone from here wearing shorts and a skate t, im not gonna think twice.

if i see that same guy in lynwood in oversize dickies and a jersey, i might be a little sketchy.

same wiht a mexican.

not an asian though, they are funny lol. plus they have nice tats.

Slyboogie does not have a point, infact he reveals himself with racial slurs. While he can get away with "crackers" I will not, well nevermind this is idiotic. This forum is about profesional well trained fighters of many races from all over the world and all of them get treated equally here.


When I said "white kids I go to school with and know" I meant people I call my friends. Maybe I should have put "personally" in there after I wrote "know" so I wouldn't have hurt your feelings.

So it should have read like:

"I'm not saying all people are like this, however the suburban brand white kids I go to school with and know personally have this complex or they're total nerds. "

There, do you feel better??? Did that narrow it down for you????

Get off it already.


I liked the episode because it made me think about what I would try to do in the same situation against a non-MMA stylist.


For being so "tough" some of you guys are sensitive as hell.


Get the fuck out of here... The story is written so that all the little white kids who got picked on in highschool can join up like the klan and lynch the nigger who beat up the poor defenseless great white kids who accidentally made a simple mistake and rear ended the black guys car...

WHat the fuck difference did it make that the two guys who were in the car were black? You KNOW THAT SHIT WAS WRITTEN, so you could unite the UG klan

Just a month ago around 15 different cops beat the shit out of 1 black guy untill HE FUCKING DIED!! Then all of you made an excuse and justified it saying that he deserved it, or however the fuck you justify ur racist views... then when one black guy beats up 3 white kids, OH FUCKING LYNCH THE NIGGER!!

MMA, especially in the US is full of closet klansmen.... u use this forum to vent ur racist ass views...and u do that shit daily.

And what about that SKATER beatdown video? I dont remember there bieng a huge discussion about how the asshole skater was a WHITE GUY...I dont remember the topic getting sidetracked into how this WHITE PIECE OF SHIT hit the other guy for no reason...

i forgot race is only associated with violence, if the race is non-white

Really? I seem to recall a little incident involving Rodney King and some white cops that caught a bit of attention in the news. Ever hear of that?

SLYBOOGIE just laid the smackdown. Game, set, match!!

I only know one thing about boxing, and that's never bet on the white guy!

Willie Duit, you must be an idiot because ignorance that blatant can't be a mistake.