Celebrating while opponent out ...

seems lacking in sportsmanship (or whatever you want to call it) in my
opinion. I understand the initial excitement of the win but when
someone is laid out for like ten minutes and you're still doing the hand
jive, muscle flex, well, that doesn't seem so cool.

Doing it after the ref pulls you off or when you know the guy is out Im totally cool with that...But when your still partying it up and not concern for the person over on the other side...totally bad sportsmanship...And Karma is bitch

" he was excited, and he fought a great fight. "

Your kidding me right? Its 10 min later the excitment is over and focus which was on that person just a couple minutes ago has turned to the dude who is still out....Its over...Simmer down now

I'm not talking about one guy. I'm talking about many fights I've seen
over the years where this happens.

When Vanderlei nearly killed Rampage they had a ring presentation
with Takada while Rampage was still hanging through the ropes.

I think if there is any chance that someone is hurt pretty badly that the
jubo needs to cease.

What do you want him to do just stand there all calm until the guy gets up and then go crazy?

You have so much adrenaline going through you and emotion and it all gets released when you win so I can't really fault them for it.

Only time I have a problem is with stuff like Gomi/Azeredo when he kept trying to hit the guy.

" What do you want him to do just stand there all calm until the guy gets up and then go crazy? "

Hopefully get it has gotten out of there system and go over to the corner and make sure the dude is alright. Love or hate em...

Adrenaline stuff is bs. It's the culture of poor sportsmanship that has taken over. Ever see Jim Brown do a dance in the end zone? Sakuraba gloat?

Theres some dudes in football that will knock you the hell out and gloat above ya and theres some dudes that knock you the hell out, pick ya up, dust you off and say hey Ill be back....Thats what Steve Atwater did to Christian Okaye a couple times

That guy has to be the most apathetic person I've seen fight. I don't know of any previous beef between these two fighters, but he made it seem like there was some real hate.

It was a great KO and all but his celebration kept going and going. Any reasonable human being would be concerned for his opponent at that point. He didn't even seem to acknowledge him whatsoever.

Chuck did his celebrations by himself than with his corner and then when he turned to see the other guy it was like alright its over gotta check on him for a sec...

Example both Bablu fights and first one with Tito

I like fighters who act like they have won a fight before (see: Emelianenko, Fedor), but I understand the desire for victory celebrations. Still, they should be brief, and then some concern should be shown for a fallen opponent; it is a matter of class and respect. Like Birdman said, help him up and let him know you'd do it again.

Brazilians are poor sportsmen


I didn't know Abbott was a Brazilian name.