Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Please elaborate on the bush assassination attempts please

I am just stepping out for the night, it’s all in here if interested. I can elaborate further later tonight if needed.

starts with the Reagan attempt & Bush connections, Bush & JFK mentioned a few pages in & then becomes more about Danny Casolaro & “the octopus”. It’s a good thread, In my biased opinion.

this thread has more on the Bush/JFK connection IIRC.


Thank you

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You wanna know what blows my mind about the first link you sent?

That is from today 45 mins ago. I haven’t thought about Jodie foster in idk how long. This type of shit happens to me all the time


Donald Marshall celebrity cloning

Same here, were gaining more access to the morphogenetic field

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the biggest one that no one mentions is the jimmy Savile story.
He was the Yorkshire ripper’s handler.
he was also a serial killer, podophile, cannibal, necrophiliac and the BBCs biggest star.


George Harrison was suspicious of him

btw his hairstyle is modelled after Moors murderer Myra Hindley.


that’s why Gervais called him a snitch at the Emmy’s
Golden Globes host [Ricky Gervais] wasted no time referencing [Sean Penn]‘s interview with El Chapo in his opening monologue on Sunday.

The comedian opened the show with a joke about going into hiding where “not even [Sean Penn] could find him, before calling the actor a “snitch.”

Gervais was referencing Penn’s recent Rolling Stone article about his secret trip to Mexico to meet with drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera — a.k.a. “El Chapo.”

Published on Saturday, the article documented the actor’s trip across the border to meet with El Chapo, as arranged by Mexican actress [Kate del Castillo]. The interview eventually led Mexican officials to the drug lord, allowing them to arrest him six months after his dramatic escape from prison.