Celebrity TUF

You know you want to see it

Final nail in the credibility coffin imo

bonaducci by armbar

Wesley Snipes can be pretty elusive, but would eventually get caught.

So I hear anyway....

Kevin James
Danny Bonaduche
Chuck Zito
Big Black
Random ex-WWE "Superstar"
One of those VH1 date show guys who does BJJ
The douchebag from Real World who tranes tapout

Who else?

 Seems almost inevitable at this point.

I'd watch, I'll admit.

if that dude from the Real World who punched the bag is on there, i would watch it for sure. just to see him get clowned on.

seriously though, a bunch of untrained people forced to go through TUF level workouts would throw up so much they could have a vomit montage every episode. plus the fights would be awful except between the guys who already have skills.

nobody but a fighter would have the sack to make it through TUF.

 Shaq (too rich), Big Black (too big),  Zito (too old), Guy Ritchie (too famous)

I'd watch if they had Omarosa on there getting a major beatdown.

 The winner would get a live prime time fight against Dana White.

 throw rogan in there just to win it

This would get unbelievable ratings.

Bonaduce ftw.

I'd like to see Rogan, Maynard James Keenan, Ed O'neil, and Mandy Moore.

DaveGarcia - I'd like to see Rogan, Maynard James Keenan, Ed O'neil, and Mandy Moore.
Bundy by triangle, R1 2:10.




Contest over.

Horseshack by whatever he wants

jose canseco

joe roegan ftw