Celebrity Wish/Pass List

 Who else has an "agreement" with their significant other that if the opportunity should ever arise that a celebrity wanted to fool around with you it would be ok?

My list is as follows: (has been and will continue to be modified from time to time)

- Halle Berry (classic beauty, but quite possibly a prude)

-Tweeden (nuff said)

- Mariah Carey (to see if i can make her sing 5 octives)

- Roseanne Barr (for the laughs) j/k


*i know my wife agreed to this only because she thinks it's totally fukkin unobtainable, but at least i can dream.  And who knows i might get lucky one day and be able to serve Tweeden a pill with her drink

You guys have lists?

 it would make us sad if she has a list and you agreed to it. please tell me this doesn't work both ways for you.

 she gets her wish list and if Sub doesn't like it she'll ban him from the HG again! lol

^bwa ha ha...jjd is a wise man

After 10+ years of marriage i think i'm willing to take the gamble ;)

Ok Mobu here's one for you "Once Hot Now What!?!?!?"


" Tweeden and Kener is my top. Preferably both at the same time."    Mobu


NOW you're dreaming



Damn, who ate the patty?  Fatty Fatty!

Preggo Alba still Hawt imo

 teh herp?


 I finnaly got me wife to agree to allow us just one "wish" person. 

I made her chose first.  She picked Brad Pitt.

I chose our babysitter.

ahahahahahaha!!! that's the spirit well done sir!!!

 ^^There goes mr. Thompson with teh old man wisdom again


T.Jay Thompson - I chose our babysitter.

 What's his name?


A lot of Negative today so, here's to LIFTED SPIRITS!!





 thank you sir:)


absorbs Teh Minnillo one last time for sweet dreams

nitey nite gang shaka