Celita Schutz ADCC???

Anyone know how Celita Schutz, three time Judo Olympian, did in ADCC today?

I think she won at least one match. She had a bit trouble with opponent who pulled guard on her as she kept getting caught in submissions. She really used the slam rule slamming escaping some nice arm bars by slamming the opponent.

I dont know how she did over all or if she won her other matches.

Ok I just checked the results. Celita Schultz did not make it. She lost in the early rounds. She was really having hard time with the guards so most likely she got tapped.

Semi final pair for women for tomorrow:

At? 55kg:
Bianca Andrade vs. Saiaka Shioda
Megumi Fuji vs. Felicia Oh

At? 60kg:
Tara LaRosa vs. Takayo Hashi
Kyra Gracie vs. Haomi Akano

At? 67kg:
Kelly Paul vs. Marloes Coenen
Stacey Carwright vs. Hanette Quadros

go mega megu!

and why does Felicia Oh sound so familiar?

Felicia Oh is BJJ black belt (Machado BJJ)

Celita might still be in and competing. She was having hard time and getting caught in submission but might have escaped all and won. I did not really follow womens matches and those brackets I posted lack her weight class.

I will post update later.

adcc is reporting that schultz is still in. good luck to her.

Schultz won her first match but it was not easy for her.

Then he lost in second round and did not make it to semi-finals.

Bit suprising in my honest opinion concidering that she is a professinal grappler who has been training for her whole life when other in her weight class are amateurs who have been training only anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Oh well I am so dissapointed that MArcello Garcia lost the absolute class final. Must have been exchausting for him to first go trough everyone in his own weigth class and then grapple all those guys weighting so much more than he does in the absolute class.

Unique are you sure she lost in round 2?

I heard she was injured and did not compete in round 2, so I'd like some clarification if possible.


here are the results

Over 67 Kgs - Weight Class Results

1st Place: Penny Thomas

2nd Place: Lana Stefanac

3rd Place: Rosangela Conceicao

4th Place: Celita Schultz

Celita won here first match, lost in the semi finals, and lost her 3rd match end up 4th.

I found out what really happened.

Celita won her first match, then popped her knee while attempting to pass the guard in her second match. She finished the match even with her injury, but ended up losing on points.

She did not fight for 3rd due to her injury, so technically she took 4th place.

That sucks. Hope she fully recovers and wins next year's version.

Here are results for her:

Celita Schultz vs. MaryAnne Mullahy from Australia winner Schultz

Penny Thomas South Africa vs. Celita Schultz winner Penny Thomas

Rosangele Conceicao Brazil vs. Celita Schultz winner Conceicao

With all the hype surrounding her pre ADCC and with pratically everyone saying how she is superior and owns I expeced her to totally dominate all her opponents.

No offence meant but reality is that she really did not look that good out there at any point and at all. She seemed to had serious technical problems against guard like not knowing how to counter various guard tactics. She got caught in many submission attemps and came close to tapping.

Oh well maybe submission wrestling is just not her thing.

Unique, she did not fight Rosangele Conceicao, she was injured against Penny Thomas and ended up not fighting for 3rd.

I have some vague memories of seeing celita schultz compete in some World championships..i don't think she won a world medal though.

I think she is around 40y old. There are plenty of girls in judo right now (especially France currently) who would tear up through ADCC women's division. If this 40y old can get that far, the competition must be pretty weak.

"If this 40y old can get that far, the competition must be pretty weak."

Err there just simply put are not but a few competitors. Whole womens division is pretty new.

i saw the pictures from the stands...there were no people there..You should see a place like Bercy (Tournoi De Paris)...many mats and thousands of people in the stands with all stands filled to the max...and everyone understand the action and judo..attended worldwide by many nations.

ADCC may be great technically, but the attendace is horrible...Brazil, USA and occasionally some other place. I like the action, and I was rooting for Saulo Ribeiro, but ADCC certainly needs to get more attended.

i don't know who runs it now but I don't think it was a profit type thing with the amir or sheik or w/e the hell he is at first. Now that the americans have seemingly tried to take over it, I just think its gay.

I thought it was cool when you had to travel to abu dhabi to fight in it... get up in the herum and shit... .probably much more fun that way.

Its not being held in Abu Dhabi because of all the shit going on in the middle east. Hopefully they can bring it back there one day.

The Sheik is still in charge of ADCC as far as I know.

"ADCC may be great technically, but the attendace is horrible.."

Yes that is absolutely true. Attendance was pretty horrible but then again traditional wrestling competitions and Judo competitions have a long history behind them and have had time to build solid attendance base while on the other hand whole ADCC movement is still pretty new so please just give it some time to build and grow away from it's infant state.