Celita Schutz ADCC???

"Let's just face the facts that Americans think wrestling sports are a little weird."

Actually it is the same about everywhere with few exceptions. Give or take few selected countries people all around the world think wrestling sports (judo, wrestling etc.) are weird.

In my opinion part of this is due to nature of these sports. Wrestling sports are not something anyone can go and do casually every now and then. They are hard and reguire a lot from the body. Most people just want to have little but fun and maybe throw few hoops (basketball) without getting too sore body. This is something that can not be done in wrestling sports. you can not just go and do few throws. Even to be able to do few throws you got to train and drill a lot.

Since people can not and do not want to go to a judo training session, wrestling practice etc. like they can just go and throw football, play little bit of tennis or basktball they really do not know nothing and do not associate themselfs with wrestling sports.'

For example I can go and throw basketball little bit. Then when I turn on the TV I might see basketball match and can appriciate skills players in the game demonstrate just because ? have thrown basketball a little bit myself. Anyway I am sure everyone get's the point I am trying to make here.

Actually, it takes a bit of training to be able to play tennis to the point where you can actually enjoy yourself and not hit the ball out every time you hit it. I haven't played tennis in years and I doubt I will because my skills have degraded so much that I doubt that I can serve and hit a decent backhand without having to spend at least half my playing time hunting around for a ball I've hit over the fence.

And you CAN "play" wrestling or Judo without a lot of training...just not that well.


how did fugii end up doing?

I just happened to get married the day of adcc, so i didn't get to go watch Celita compete (i do judo with her and helped her train for the adcc trials) but given that she DESTROYED Lana Stefanic, (who took 2nd in the adcc tournament), at the trials, i would not be so quick to dismiss her... i've rolled with her, she is good, gi or no gi.. trust me.

Either way, she is good peoples and a hell of a competitor/judoka, and i'm sorry to hear she hurt her knee.