Cell phone recommendation needed

Some of you know an awful lot about cell phones so I could use some help. I have a Galaxy 9. I think its going to die. I can’t be without a phone bc I run a business. Im hoping to stop at a Verizon store today to get a new phone and have no clue what to get and what to avoid. I should stick with Samsung because thats what I know. Ive had 2 notes (2 & 4) and now this Galaxy 9. I looked at Verizons site and see a bunch of different notes and Galaxies. No idea what the real differences are.
I’d appreciate any education on this as well as recommendations
I actually hate getting a new phone but waiting until one dies has not worked out well for me in the past.
Thanks for any real answers

Any newer smart phone will work. Galaxy or iPhone is a safe bet. People argue which is better. They are both smartphones that have the same apps. They both take pictures/videos. They both have internet.

It all boils down to preference of UI.

Sounds like you are half way there…stick with what you know (Samsung). The Galaxy S21 seems to be getting really good reviews.

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Really depends what u want to spend. U wanna drop the money the s22 came out so get that wanna save a little and still have a great phone get the s21. If you do a lot of spread sheet work and shit for your business get the latest note.