Cena vs Brock at night of champions September 21st

Sofa King Cool -
CaughtItFromARua - I heard Ambrose isn't back until the Hell In The Cell ppv. I can't see Brock losing before Wrestlemania but then Seth Rollins having the briefcase is a waste. I've only recently gotten back into it but has there been a MITB winner that failed to cash it in? It would be extremely shortsighted to break up the Shield, which has benefited each former member, and take the rub of the briefcase only to have it be wasted.

I don't have an issue with Lesnar being the champ but it sort of limits who the next contenders are. By destroying Cena it makes it tough for someone else to come in and make it competitive without making Cena look weak. But then you can't kill any of the young guy's pushes. Who's really out there? Cena? The Rock? Reigns? Lesnar isn't putting over Daniel Bryan in this lifetime. Phone Post 3.0
I can only think of two MITB winners that failed the cash in. Cena and Sandow.

I think Mr. KENNEDY won and then lost the suitcase to someone else. But I can't really remember. Phone Post 3.0
Thanks. I had no idea. VU! Phone Post 3.0

I can't wait for the rocky ending when cena comes back and wins against Brock! Phone Post 3.0