Centrino, Wireless Connections

I heard quite a big buzz about Centrino when it came out, but i was curios how well it actually works. I havent heard much about it lately. What type of speed can you surf the internet in? Is it as fast as dial up or slower?

Hey I'm just going to cut and paste what I wrote in another thread a week or so back so if some of it doesn't apply to your question just ignore that part. After it I'll answer your question as best as I can:

Technically if it says Centrino then it has to have Intel incorporated wireless. I believe that technically to be a "Centrino" notebook it has to have an Intel P4-M CPU, Intel mobo (or maybe just chipset), and the original ones had to have Intel 802.11b wireless adapters built in, but the newer ones have to have Intel 802.11g wireless adapters built in. Some one double check that for me but I'm sure it's like 90% right. Really quick break down incase you don't already know, 802.11b is wireless with a max of like 11MB/s or something, 802.11g has a max of like 54MB/s or something. I forget what the exact numbers and what not are, but basically it breaks down like this. 802.11g is faster and backwards compatible with 802.11b. Because of this most places like coffee shops and hotels use 802.11b b/c everyone can use it even though its slower. Anyways, if you have one of the ones with 802.11g then that's pretty sweet. If you have one of the P4-M "Centrino" CPUs with 2MB of L2 cache then that FRICKIN' SWEET! Cause those processors are awesome. In general the Centrino systems run pretty well (depending on maker and what not but IBMs tend to be sweet) and they tend to have better then average battery life, in some cases going into the 5-6 hour range but those are pretty scalled back systems which ultra low voltage CPUs and what not.

Alright, that being said I'll now answer your question as best as I can. As said in the cut-and-paste part teh P4-M CPUs used as part of the "Centrino" notebooks is pretty sweet, solid performance, low voltage to increase battery life. And those "Centrino" CPUs are the exact same as the P4-M CPUs (but also as said some have 1MB of L2 cache and some have 2MB now), but the p4-M is different then the M-P4 b/c hte M-P4 are basically just slightly altered desktop P4's. But to save money and increase performance some notebook makers have been putting desktop P4s in notebooks, better performance, more heat, and less battery life, but for someone who wants a hardcore gamining notebook then they got'a make sacrafices for the performance.

Anyways, so the wireless part of the "Centrino" line is basically standard wireless, either 802.11b or 802.11g. As mentioned G is faster and backwards compatiable with B. I've also seen notebooks stating things like 802.11 a/g I'm not a network guy, I don't have notebook, and I haven't kept up with wireless technology, so I can't tell you exaclty what 'a' is, but I believe it's better then G (PLEASE double check that and don't take my word for it, I remember stuff in generalizations so I often forget exact figures, and like I said I don't keep up with notebook technology nearly as much so I could be wrong about the difference between 'a' and 'g').



Anyways, wireless 802.11b and 802.11g are both very nice and can EASILY handle the speeds of dial up. Here's an example, it's one of the few that I have b/c I don't use notebooks that often. I was using my brother in laws' notebook at their house, they have a wireless network (802.11b), anyways I was downloading stuff at about 150+ KB/SEC using their highspeed connection. Now I don't know if that was the max for it, or if the wireless connection was slowing it down, or if their internet connection was slowing it down, or if the site I was downloading from was slow/busy, or if the notebook I was using was holding it back (it had about 2 gigs free on a 30 gig drive and before anyone says it, yes I've already talked to my brother in law about increasing his performance by cleaning up his hard drive).

Anyways so as you see, yes you can get very nice speeds with a wireless connection. As long as you have a high speed connection, you should be fine because it's your internet connection that'll decide your speeds more then your wireless connection (assuming you have a good wireless connection that's well within range).

Well that's my experience and how I understand it, you might want to get other people's opinions though

G is basically as fast as A, and backward compatible...

so for most people, G is better than A.

otherwise you're mostly dead on.

Centrino = Intel Marketing Gimick

bartos = correct.