Cerrone to become Pro Wakeboarder this year!


Pretty cool. Hopefully Dana allows it!

For iPhone.

Video isn't working for me, Scary for a Cerrone fan if true...

IMO to compete in top level MMA your focus needs to be on MMA, 110 percent, I don't like the idea that not only is he doing other sports in the meantime (That aren't combat based) but is considering going pro? How much time is he spending wakeboarding that he should be spending training? Bummer...



Sorry guys, it must be the embed link that isn't working properly with this forum. Click on the link in the OP to watch the vid. 

Basically, he says he's gonna sit down and talk with the higher ups about making his debut in wake boarding this year, citing it's not as dangerous as the other extreme sports Dana wanted to ban fighters from participating in.