"Certified MMA Level" gyms!!?

Saw a local gym in my area was a MMA certified level 2 gym from THE AMERICAN TOP TEAM (ATT), checked it out and there are 3 levels , 3-1. So does this mean the place is somewhat kind of legit. They offer a full week of classes free, so I'm gonna check it out Phone Post

Not necessiairly, they may be a mcdojo that paid cash to hang a banner. Better research the instructors.

It's a Curtis Tillman kickboxing gym. Supposedly have a sparring class every day, and even if the jitz is a joke, at least I would hopefully have fresh supply of tomatoes do practice on Phone Post

Art Corvelay - Find out who's actually instructing at the gym.

If they're not any of these:
-BJJ brown or black
-Professional fighter or boxer
-NCAA wrestler
-Judo black

They really have no business making money off teaching in the modern era of mma instruction.

For example, if they are a TKD gym that paid $2K in affiliation fees to ATT and they have a BJJ blue teaching their newly created MMA program, they are a total joke and in a perfect world of martial arts they'd be prosecuted for fraud.

Greg jackson never won a MMA bout nor did shawn tompkins and the list goes on. And became some of the best mma coaches around. So having a good fight record doesnt matter, i know plenty of good fighters that cant teach worth a shit. RIP Shawn Tompkins

Mongoose do they have any fighters or grapplers competing? How do they do?

Hmm they don't have any competitors that I can find so far. Heres my problem. There was 3 gyms I was aware of in my town. 1 is headed by legit 3 stripe black, within few blacks/brown under him. But: have alot of friends the coach screwed over, and plus he trained Josh koschecks #1 pick from tuff that got guillotined twice in row on Tuf! Other gym I went to for a year, brown under 1st gym was the coach. He ended up being a dick on Facebook, so said screw en (long story, he didn't fight and didn't like that I was friends with MMA fighters). 3rd gym, was supposed to b garbage. I forget whose gym It was, old UFC 155 guy, got charged with sexual assault I believe not to long ago. So I need to find any even ok gym for the mean time.. This gym prob isnt anything good, I was put off by all the Cardio classes they have, but ehh I will have to give it a try Phone Post

That's funny that Cardio classes put you off, the 1st gym you're referring to has both Cardio kickboxing and even Yoga classes, doesn't make it any less legit.

Since there is so much competition in town I think they're just trying to affiliate themselves a "name" organization...same way gym #1 affiliated themselves with Team Balance/Carlson Gracie/whatever. They're legit blackbelts, yet they still felt they needed to affiliate themselves with a "name" organization. Does that make them less legit? 1st gym's gotten too much about making money, which you can't blame them. They lost that small mma gym feeling it used to have.

Tillman's still has it, so they're not blackbelts there, but you still get decent striking sparring and some decent wrestling/jitz (as you call it) mix. It's a decent place with good attitude, especially considering attitudes/pricing around town.