Cesar comments on UFC and Diaz

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If you were there you could appreciate what a great performance Nick had. Unfortunately they didn't show the fight or even allude to it because Nick will be fighting in another organization in January (not the World Fighter). Fortunately the crowd as always really got in to the fight and we'll see him back on pay per view soon. Congrats Nick.

"Unfortunately they didn't show the fight or even allude to it because Nick will be fighting in another organization in January (not the World Fighter)."

I was afriad of something like that... There was a big hole there without that fight. And to top it off we were subjected to bile in the form of Irvin etc.

What organization might it be?

Many speculated that it was "The World Fighter" but Cesar's comments seem to dismiss those rumors.

I thought that it was the IFL?

I missed Nick :(

It maybe Pride! You never know, Cesar said you'll be seeing him on payperview... SO hey he might be getting paid his worth now...either way, the UFC saw what he did for the sport when you couldn't even hear his post interview with Randy, the crowd was screaming for him so loud.... They know what there loosing I guess it was 1 last fuck you they were giving him, Kinda like the bogus decisions he's lost (riggs & dirty sanchez)

Either way I love DIAZ he's my favorite fighter and I'll see all his fights come hell or high water, He doesn't need to be in the UFC to be loved ya know! Just go by graciefighter.com they always hook you up with some kinda free view.. Just gotta catch it when its there..lol

Sucks. Nick would have added to an already above par telecast, regardless of where he's going...

Dana, pull your head out of your increasingly widening ass.

"Kinda like the bogus decisions he's lost (riggs & dirty sanchez)"

Please he clearly lost both fights... even a blind nuthugger knows that. Oh and the UFC doesn't do the judging. Also they signed him to a multi-fight $10k/$10k contract AFTER he lost those fights.

It is simply business not to show his last fight if he is leaving, the same as they didn't show Horn's last fight.

ttt FOR NICK DIAZ. I hope he does fight on ppv for someone who will treat him well. All of Cesars guys do well on tv.

Maybe hes talking about the Showtime show. Or strikeforce.

well the ufc already was not going to have nick back; but nick did them a favor by taking last minute fight against neer and they repaid him by giving him a hometown fight and somewhat easy payday for his trouble.

I know the guy Nick fought and he was favored to win by EVERYBODY in Brazil. He was 23-2, and tough. The UFC probably figured he would beat Nick and could use him as a new Brazilian to market, only problem was that Nick had other plans.

I was at the event. I couldn't believe that they showed Irvin before Diaz on the pay per view. Diaz put on a clinic.

TTT for Nick

well every sportsbook and oddsmaker had diaz as a huge favorite o the card. i think he might have been the heaviest favorite on the card if i remember correctly.

Would love to see him in Pride, toe to toe with Gomi.

Sucks cuz other than GSP/Hughes...the Diaz fight was the one I wanted to see the most.



Nick's fights with Karo and Diego were fight of the year candidates.

I don't know if I can see him beating GSP but I'm still sad to see him go.