cesar gracie - gsp must be sacrificed to nick diaz

cesar gracie says that unless ufc sacrifices gsp to nick then nick diaz will go into boxing

“Unless GSP is offered up as a sacrifice, Nick will fight Lacy.” 


the ball is in dana's court

"Nick won`t play the game"

Dana White

Is that a threat or a promise?

I suspect Diaz is someone GSP would be very happy to fight; it'll be a straight forward five round decision for GSP. Diaz doesn't have one shot KO power, and almost zero takedown defense. He is good off his back if his opponent tries to advance his position, but not so successful against guys who just control from on top ... which is what GSP excels at.

That was a comment made by Dana a long time ago.With Nick getting a chance at a huge payday from the PPV bonus alone...I suspect that Nick will slightly modify his attitude.

as a GSP fan,i dont think i can think of an easier fight for him right now then to fight Diaz,so Dana,make it happen!!!


Hey layzie.. Mayorga is on twitter talking mad ish about Diaz...I guess this is just a few mins ago. U aware of this??

It is not good natured. Saying fight him not lacey. I think diaz would pwn mayorgara

After seeing Mayorga slap the shit out of Din Thomas I would favor him in a fight. A boxing match would not be close. Would tune in for the epic nicaraguan thuggery and trash talk.

 Cesar Gracie is a moron.  GSP dominates this fight.  Its a bad matchup for Diaz.  Who was the last, even half way decent wrestler, that Diaz beat???  The last guy he fought that was great at takedowns was Sean Sherk.....back in 2006.  Since then he hasn't fought ONE guy who posed any threat of a takedown.  That's why GSP is -425....the oddsmakers are no dummies.

And while Diaz lost that gift to Sherk, it wasn't a blow out and at points, Diaz took him down. Hes gotten so much better since! Phone Post

Cesar should have to fight GSP after Diaz is destroyed.