Cezar Ferreira vs. Sam Alvey

Up next... I got Alvey

Mutante looks wayyyyyyyy different physically. Phone Post 3.0

Chest Rockwell - Mutante looks wayyyyyyyy different physically. Phone Post 3.0
Yes, he does seem much smaller. Phone Post 3.0


Boom. NIGHT OF THE DOGS Phone Post 3.0

Holllyyyyy sheeeeeeeet!!! Phone Post 3.0

That's ko of the night now Phone Post 3.0

Wowie! Phone Post 3.0

Well then. Phone Post 3.0

Cards killing it now ???? Phone Post 3.0

wow... that sound of hitting the matt

Is he dead Phone Post 3.0

I will also go on record by saying that I will be completely stunned if Sam tests positive for PED's. Phone Post 3.0

Did he get a fright after he won? Well timed combination though. Phone Post 3.0

God damn... Phone Post 3.0

Wifespowerbottom - There's a reason they say gingers don't have souls Phone Post 3.0
That's bullshit. I'm pretty sure he just took Mutante's, so we know that he has at least one. Phone Post 3.0

Unsure why Alvey was the underdog.

Ferreira was just KOd a fight ago, and won a decision after, but Alvey KOs fools, thats his 16th?

That was beautiful. I was thinking he was outclassed and was going to get taken out and he takes him out with a perfect combo.

Sometimes you don't need all that flashy crap. Just wait patiently and...boom.

But wtf is smile'n Sam? Shouldn't it be "Smilin' Sam?" Phone Post 3.0