CFC 11 Results

Robert Whittaker over Richard Walsh (RNC)

Michael Van Der Wlist over Pete Brown (KO)

Hugh Cameron over Ashley Powel (dec)

Lucas Browne over Willie Moon (KO)

Mario Yokoyama over Robert Lisita (sub) guillotine

Matt Cain over Jade Jordan (dec)

Dylan Andres over Jeff King (sub) guillotine

Hector Lombard over Kalib Starnes (sub) verbal

 No James White? He always did a good job with the announcing.

^^He had a the Boxing Superfight gig already booked.

I agree, he's a geat announcer and top bloke to go with it.

He does some good to-camera stuffon the DVDs as well...

Who'd they use?


I couldn't make it to the show, but heard a rumour before that it was Pauly from Fat Pizza...but I am a gullible prick so that could just have been a "mate" having a laugh....

I remember Pauly MC'd a Ian Jacobs/Tarik Solak event that Adrian Pang fought on years ago. He didnt have much knowledge of the sport but it certainly was entertaining having him in there.

He does the rounds, Demicolli uses him at times & promotes his standup show.