CFC # 9 Terre Haute Indiana 6-30

I'm bringing my show CFC #9 to the Zorah Shrine in Terra Haute Indiana on June 30th 2007. Doors open at 6:00, fights starts 7:30. Fighters interested amatuer or pro email me: or go to our web site (most spots are filled on the card....couple left. thanks, Jason Reinhardt

web site is being updated Saturday.

are you fighting Jason?
if so, whom?


Jason get a hold of me I live and train in Terre Haute. Would love to help out any way possible.



ttt for the Midwest MMA scene

ttt for The Ruckus Jason Reinhardt. One of these has got to stick.


bka, no, i'm just promoting this one.

jon, cool bro, thank you. i will get in touch with you. i will be staying in Terra Haute all next week. maybe we can meet up.

son of neckbone, LOL. how's everything going? can't wait to see our boy Spence revenge his loss next week!

jon, I tried calling you. Can you call me on my cell 217-433-1433. Tex me if my mail box is full. thanks Jason Reinhardt

I was out at the moment...will be calling shortly.

Good talking to you Jason. Can't wait this show is gonna be crazy!!!

jason this is adam..i thought you told me you died man? lol

Jason, I'll be available as a special guest referee/judge for free, just cause I like you. Or I can just set up in the lobby and gladhand for the fans, sign autographs and such. Just let me know.