CFC Fight Card, Decatur Illinois

"Courage fighting Championships" July 24th Decatur Illinois.]
Championship Welter-weight title (170 lbs) Bout.Jason Medina (MFS) vs. Jeff Powell (Powell Combat Club)

(170 lbs. bout) Billy Stamp, (Ryan Blackory's Muay Thai academy) vs. Terrance Thames, (Powell Combat Club)

Mike Ciesnolevics (MFS) 200 lbs bout vs. Leo Sylvest (Integrated )

Kenny Nyquist 190 lbs bout (MFS) vs. Dave Johnson (Maryland, Kickboxing)presently living in Decatur, illinois

175 lbs bout Dave Stone (integrated) vs South African Josh Howat

(Womans Bout) Emily Fisher (Spencer Fisher's wife) (MFS) vs. Amy Buchen

(Womans Bout) Surprise...Wait and see. A very big name's Fiance' is fighting....

145 lbs Bout Travis Day (Powell Combat Club) vs. Josh Benton

145 lbs bout. Justin Reinhardt (Reinhardt Academy) vs. Jabar Hardgrove (Maryland Kickboxing) "this should be a scrap!" Jabar is unorthadox, and looks like a strong kid. My brother is fighting up in weight too. Justin is 4-0 amatuer, and 2-0 PRO.

150 lbs fight Chris Miletich vs. to be annonced shortly when it's signed. Pat's nephew is 2-0 amatuer, and this will be his first paid pro fight.

Here are the following i'm trying to find fights for... !. Joe Jordan (MFS) (155 or 160 lbs.) Joe's and experienced fighter with tons of talent, but he's coming off an injury and he's out of shape right now. He's just wanting to get back in the ring, to fight along side of his teammates. I'm not looking for a huge name fighter right now for Joe. He hasn't been able to train properly.

Rudy Bork (MFS) 155-165 pounds. Rudy is looking to get back in the ring.

Chris Keller (MFS) 155 lbs fighter who is just coming off a win in Kentucky Fighting Championships. Chris is 1-0

Also, looking for a 145 pound fighter for Jimmy "the Wildcat" Bruketta from "silverbacks gym" . Jimmy is an experienced fighter with over 20 fights, coming off a hard faught fight against a very tough John Paun. Jimmy lost that fight, but went to the judges card. He's looking to fight at his weight class for once at 145 lbs. Jimmy is a tough wrestler who keeps coming at you. He has a lot of heart. He's improving on his submissions every week.

Also looking for opponents for Myron Nessler (Scott Wards, Warrior Concepts) He's 155 lbs lbs, looking to get back in the ring after surgery. I'm not looking for a stud in this fight either.

please help keep this up.

You guys are going to trip out on my Venue. that's a surprise too!

sorry i keep beating my show in you guys head, but i gotta sell at least 600 tickets!!! I don't want to have to pay fighters off my credit card! LOL. No worries, I'm not the China-man promoter Ed Kim. My purses have already been set aside!



I will be coming to watch and spupport J.R. and the
rest of my teammates. I will be tired as hell from running the BIX 7 race but will be making the trip.

Tim, you can't run! LOL