CFFC IV pics?

Do any sites have pics up from Friday's event?

How about a complete list of the results?


Full Contact Fighter and (on myspace) just posted the results.

Yeah I wasnt too pleased to see that my match wasnt mentioned at all on FCF. I wonder why?

Yo helwig, clerical error. D is working on fixing it soon. Nice fight!

Hey thanks for the response.

I shot quite a few with 13 fights and all. But I'll put yours up 1st. Say um... 2 hours

PS you KO'd him with that knee at the end of the round, he's lucky.


I had a lot of people say they thought I had the 2K bonus for fastest KO secured.  It def would have been nice.

But to his credit he picked himself up, and came out and fought the entire 3rd round. A lot of guys wouldnt have.

Thanks for your consideration man.

Helwig...would you credit your new found love for the Gi as the key to your successful victory?

Ive actually never trained with the gi.

But its quite possible that the CONSTANT harassment over it I recieved played a significant role.

i hear that once you go gi you never go back


The damage to my cred on the "mean streets" of Millburn done by that pic may very well be irreversible.

I cant believe you fit in the birdmans gi. Did you have to split it up the back?

I tried to politely refuse but he got PISSED.

To be honest, I complied out of fear.

dont ever disrespect the gi in front of the birdman!!

you should get a gi and put every patch possible on it like a NASCAR driver.

Hey man they didnt give me any mic time in the cage. I thought that was shit because I saw other guys getting it.

Being the leadoff fight is terrible for a number of reasons.

I NEVER want to be in that spot again.

Otherwise the show and the crowd were both great.

Yo Jon,

I started with yours.

They are still updating the FCF page I guess, Im also waiting for my pics to go up too.

Kekoa, thanks so much pal.

AWESOME action shots!