cffc matchmaker gary marino # 1

i have been following cage fury fighting championships from the first show, i have not seen one bad fight in five shows, this guy is by far the best matchmaker around, full contact fighter praises him every chance they get, and peter clemente from the no holds barred radio station says he is the best in the country, this guy knows what he is doing, gary great job!!

Kimbo v. Mercer was a publicity stunt. The rest of the card was good... but I won't give any credit for an 0-0 v. 0-0 as a main event.

Gary Marino is the MAN! This guy is awesome. He makes very competitive matchups and really knows the MMA game.

Yeah, maybe Kimbo Mercer wasn't UFC main event material, but MMA is a business. And Gary managed to get a very intriguing and fair matchup--while giving fans the fight they want to see.

Awesome show.

Gary is very good at his job.

CFFC is a great promotion.

I like Gary.

TTT for Gary!!!

Don't take what I said as a knock btw. The rest of the card was matched well... Just thought the headliners was more for headlines rather than MMA.

kimbo/mercer was great because it enabled fighters like josh rhodes, jim miller, deividas taurosevicius and the rest to gain some well-deserved exposure. the CFFC main card and undercard had some of the best fighters in the northeast. in fact, deividas vs. kevin roddy could've been the main event on another show.

Gary is a great matchmaker and felix runs a great show..They treat the fighters well and follow through on their commitments.

The Kimbo - Mercer fight while a bit of a freakshow put their event on the map and provided enough interest that a group of fantastic young up an coming fighters got to show their stuff on a national pay per view

Dana already said before the fight that Kimbo vs. Mercer was a discrace.

The hate has already begun.

Gee, I wonder why Sherdog didnt cover the fight either? Think Dana and the UFC might have had something to do with that?

ESPN has a deal with UFC now as does Sherdog... I can imagine that tie would have something to do with it.

Great promotion!

to the top for cffc 6, cant wait to see what gary puts together for this one

Do you guys think we will see Kimbo/Tank at CFFC 6? And more improtant than that....will we see 'TheGarv' at CFFC6?

Gary told me he's trying to make the Tank Kimbo fight for CFFC 6. Not sure if I can make the next one, because I'm supposed to set sail to Tahiti with 10 of the cage girls next month.

for a special version of tuck fold (donkey) punch, imo.

LOL, very special imo.

"And more improtant than that....will we see 'TheGarv' at CFFC6? "

You will see me there. I am the CFFC official unofficial documentary maker.

Cage FURY!

outstanding! I will be at the next one for sure.

You bail on this one, I come looking for ya. And you'll be even more scared of me than Kimbo was.

Gary is the man!