Chabasco thinks Torres lost...

Earlier today i read this bulletin posted by Chabasco owner of UFN. I gave Mizugaki 2 rounds but thinking he won the fight? Thoughts? Heres the bulletin:

"You know you see it everywhere from modeling competitions all the way to the fight game. I remember one fight event I went to that when they had a ring girl competition and the chick who won it was so fuckin ugly and covered in make-up that I knew it had to be a setup, because the other ladies who were in it and one of them being my friend blew her away.

For fight events I bring this up because I just watched the Torres fight and I am a huge Torres fan, but to me I would have given the fight to the asian dude. That is just me... He seemed like he had more control over the fight and less beaten up as well, but that is just my thought.

Is there a time that you have been to a fight event or a contest and thought the winner of that fight or event was a setup? If so post a comment with your thoughts on it on our main page with the rest of the 18,000 plus comments so others from around the world can read your thoughts on it.

Chabasco aka UFN"

LOL. That guy needs to just disappear.

Just for clarification i gave Mizugaki round 1 and 3 but i dont think he won that fight...

Heddy - LOL. That guy needs to just disappear.

Lol he does post some pretty retarded stuff...

I dvr'd that shit and sports soup afterwards and still missed rd 5. Fucking wec/vs i hate you bastards

Yeah i agree thats pretty lame but im sure they didnt expect Mizugaki to go 5 rounds with Torres. There was also other decisions 2.