Chad Saunders where are you man?

I used to chat with Chad fairly often, but haven't had the pleasure as of late to be able to catch him online. What's the 411 on a very talented welterweight fighter that, with the right training, could be right in the middle of things at 170 lbs now.

If you're out there man, update us on what's going down for you as of late.


ttt for one of my favorite fighters also!!! :)

Im suprised he hasnt been fighting in UFC by now


I believe he's in Florida and still training.

Rumour has it he'll be appearing in one of the shows in Lauderdale soon.

Sub W,

Chad was teaching at a new facility last year when I was in WPB. I am not sure what he is up to now.

Drop me an email when you get a chance.

take care,

I have made threads about this very same question in the past, and have had time to talk to him about it.

After being on fire and going 6-0 (and finshing all his opponents) he was asked to come to Japan and fight against Shogun Kawakatsu. Despite catching Shogun many times in heelhooks (and really jacking up Shogun's knee) he couldn't get him to tap, and ended up losing a decision.

He came back with a quick armbar win over Karl Schmidt, and then took a long time off to train, and heal some old injuries.

He was basically in talks with the UFC and the WEF in the winter of 02, but chose to fight for the WFA instead ($$$$) After losing to Jason Black.

Chad told me getting down to 170 was really really hard on his body, and that when he came back he would be fighting at 185 from now on.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for all the replies fellas.

I am hoping Chad will see this and reply himself.


Been meaning to do that anyway man. Chat very soon man.


here i am yall:) thanks for the thread and the kind words, its really appreciated, i had to take time off for injuries, and my main problem, is not having good people to train with where i live and i cant afford to travel 2 hrs. to train all the time, but i will have a great team to train with here in the next month very close to my house and i WILL be back, at 185, i walk around at about 195 right now, right now my knuckle is fractured so as soon as it heals i will be looking for a fight. so hopefully ill see u guys back where i belong before too long, thanks again


damm u got big guess ur young and u grew Good luck and keep us posted

Thanks for replying Chad. It's good to know you're still in the sport, and planning a return to fighting soon bro!

chad is the man!

Are you flying to SD to fight Charles Doe? He won't say and says it's between you 2.

Yelm, that dude never got me a ticket... i dont want to say what team just yet, but as soon as the school opens ill tell all. thanks again for the kind words.



Where's the school located at?