Chad Washburn calling it quits!!

Well guys I am hanging up my gloves after 9 years in this sport. Me and my wife DeAnn thought it was time to do so. First I would like to thank all my sponsers, Jeff Sherwood from for all the help and support he has given me from the beginning,Jeff Ogborn from Zerogear for everything he has given me. The Tapout crew for hooking me up with free swag from the get go at Kage Kombat.And all others that have helped out along the way. Next I would like to thank Chris Brennen for getting me started with my BJJ and always having my back, Fabiano Iha & Tito Oritz for the support and training they offered me. Then last but not least I would like to thank my trainer and current manager ED CLAY, Shawn Hammonds and all of the guys at NASHVILLE MMA, for all that they have done for me in the last two years. Although I am retiring I am not turning my back on this sport and will support it till the end.

Thanks for all the support!!!!

Chad Washburn

sad to see you go Chad. Hope all goes well.

I have been a fan of yours~

You always fight your heart out!!!

Best of luck Chad.

Hats off Chad... Congratulations on everything you did and will do in life.

Thanks for the support guys.



pleasure to meet you, hope life after mma is kind

I had the pleasure of working with and training with Chad back in the day. He works hard, trains hard and fights hard. Best wishes in the future.

Chuck Costello

What up Chad.. Lots of love..

Good luck!

What going on mike? thanks for the love guys i just thoguht it was time to do this.I had a good run fought my heart out everytime.But now i am just going to do BJJ.


Good luck in your future endeavors.

Good luck in the future.

Continued success with every challenge!

I've seen you fight a few times you are/were a good fighter good luck in the future.

Good luck to you in the future!

thanks guys now i am only going to do gi and nogi bjj so look out for me in the future in the lightweight class.


Great run man... sucks that you're going.

But good luck in BJJ!!

Thank you Chad it was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your family man that is #1. And you did no question fight your heart out everytime...

Chris Brennan