Chael interview high as a kite Phone Post 3.0

^^ vid came from there if it won't embed. Phone Post 3.0



"Not to mention federally illegal" Phone Post 3.0

Ha! Phone Post 3.0

Eddie Bravo Experience


Thread title is accurate.


Chael's not nearly as on point blazed out of his mind.  Still a funny interview, though.

"Ive never made a gay remark.... And jujitsu is rather effective" Phone Post 3.0

JoeMimic - Pretty sure that video is old. I know it says posted in February but I swear I saw that a few years back.
Really? Damn. Still funny shit. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Yeah this is at least a year old. More like two iirc. Good shit though.

I hated Chael for a long long time but you can tell he is a good person in the candid interviews. Still dont approve of the lying and cheating TRT issues... Phone Post

It's from a long time ago.I think Chael was still suspended at this point. Phone Post 3.0