Chael is Such a Cheater...

 ..he switches Bingo cards from little old ladies when they're not looking.

...he uses weighted dice at Monopoly.

...he brings cribsheets to Trivial Pursuit.

Before people start crying "fighter bashing!", let me say that I am STILL a fan, and I find him very entertaining.  However, his recent string of bad luck and bad decision-making have opened him up to a little mockery.  In the spirit of the "Frank Mir is such a Jerk" thread, have at it!  What else does he cheat at?

...he smuggled in a #3 pencil to take his SATs.

...he wore contact lenses to his last eye exam.

...he looks his words up in the Scrabble dictionary BEFORE he plays them.

...he's never gone more than 3,000 miles between oil changes, because he always rolls back his odometer before he takes his car in.


and he will probably use dental dams before tossin salads in prison

Offers 20% off free merchandise valued at $100. 20% of $100 = $20. But when customers request their $20, he says that 20% of free is zero. What a dick!

... he steals handicapped placards from disabled people so he can get better parking. Phone Post